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Default fiberglass resins epoxy vs polyester

hi, i am working on a race car body that was made with epoxy resin(or this was what i was told) .i had to repair a few small areas,etc and i used polyester resin (i did not find out that it was made with epoxy resin until after i repaired the areas with polyester resin). i have since bought the west system epoxy resin with the hardner.i have used this on the structural areas and i have molded the hood to the fenders. i would like to know if the polyester resin would be ok to fill in low areas over the epoxy resin? i know that i will have to use bondo for some of the final work,but i want to use the resin to fill in the small pin holes,etc.
some of the people that i have asked said that i can use the polyester resin over the epoxy resin and it would be ok, but i wanted to get some more input on this.THANKS garym
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