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Default problems with the wifes car

i have fixed every problem my wife has broke on the car, blinkers,
radio, wipers, seat belt, but this time she broke the hi/low beam
switch within the coloumn, i pulled the steering whl off and can see
that the turn switch pushs the spring switch up/dwn but i can not
get it out to inspect it, part of the column needs to come off but
has no visible fasteners to get it off, i have several shop manuels
but neither cover this, need to get this fixed before next inspection,
and if i can't i will make a switch for it, any help would be great!
don't get me wrong love the wife, but she also breaks the switches
on the shower, stove, dryer, washer, sink faucet, all the pull light
strings, she's a little rough and keeps me busy
car: 92' pass. car lumina 3.1
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