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Originally Posted by chevguy65

Oh yeah...
Whoever it is also went in and deleted my profile link and signature.

How grown up

Originally Posted by chevguy65
I think it is just me...except Tom says he had something deleted.

So far I have had 5 or 6 posts deleted and almost all of my sig was blasted away.

My pic link, my profile link and my mouse was messed with to the point I had to remove it.

This is being done by one person with a grudge.
I am 99% certain of it.

I plan to take some steps tonight when I get home to track the weasel that is doing this.
What is it Carl?You deleted or an Admin deleted your stuff?

I hope this is not ANOTHER one of your rantings of calling people out on the board,You know in the past it has done nothing but get you in trouble here.YOU type before you think.thats your problem.

I have called everyone that helps run this board,and no one has deleted any thing of yours.

Carl you got to let things go here and stop this kind of accusations,I am not going to put up with it much longer,I have better things to do here other then babysit people.

You Grow Up
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