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I appreciate what all of you have to say and respect your opinions, the same way I would like to be respected for mine.

Now, if you read the first 6 posts, Tom appears to be in agreement with me.
He has also stated (not to me and in the past) that as an admin he can see what and who deleted, edited etc any posts.

Now, this may have been an act of a hacker, but in my past dealings with hackers, they do not operate this way.

In most cases they will mess up the site, re-direct the page to a porn site, or simply gut the entire board.
Hackers have more to do than to delete a few peoples posts.

All I asked and all I am asking is for the person responsible to man up and pm or call me and explain why my posts and info from my signature was deleted.

I am not going to put myself to Tom's level and have some all out brawl in here like he wants.

I respect my friends here and the other members to not stoop to that level.

Some of you have called and pm'd me and I appreciate your support here.
Thank you!!!!
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