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Good story Rabbit, I have no problem with this , they had no business in his store and would have killed him if he had not shot first.
When a person is in the military he might have to kill someone to defend his country so I do not see the difference.
I would have a big problem with it if it just shooting for no reason but in this case I am behind him 100%. I had a person broke in my store 3.30 in the AM and it was easy I guess cause he came at 11.30 that night and broke another glass out to come in again but got a suprise and in court his family wants to know WHY THE POLICE ARE PICKING ON HIM? He spent time in the pen and I lost about $1500 .
The courts are too soft on the criminals and the crooks know it . MY 2 cents Later J.Smith 4621 racing ps I had wire on the glass but installed bars after that another $1500
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