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Default Re: Avery can't keep one

Originally Posted by lotsof454sss
Yeah right....see you in the pits :lol: You have sold every dog gone vehicle I know of you are worse about selling them than me :shock: Keep trading bud til they run out of trades :lol: ok spib I will give you 2 to 1 odds he sells in 4 months
you guys got to give avery a lil slack, I think he had big regrets abought selling that s10 blazer, I say he keeps and if he gets to the dragstrip with it , he might not let it go!!!!!! avery I had a grandpa that evry time I went to his house he had a new rig, or rv or both, I was just as bad, but everything I have now, I wanted and my wife gets that look, so I will keep what I have, for now!!!!!
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