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Default Scammer Chase day Two

Thanks guys as always for your support!

Here is another installment to the chase.

When I had him on the phone yesterday, he whined, and played the victim-Scammers usually do. You will note that many scammer posts have the complaintant saying the scammer is now a good guy. Thats because most people are decent and want to believe the scammer just made a mistake- well he didnt! He took your money and had no intentions of making good- he thought you would go away. The only reason he is making good is he got caught.

So while my scammer whined on the phone- I told him coldly that I will have his wife and her attorney on the phone tomorrow explaining that I was filing suit against him for Mail fraud a federal crime- since he was in court anyway-it would probably be admissable with regard to character. I believe at this point he wet himself.

He then whined about not having money for shipping, even though I'd sent it. I told him to borrow it from his father, or I'd discuss it with his parents personally since I had their number. He wet himself again-Obviously they werent involved. I also told him I'd go after his girl-friend for mail fraud as well.

The important thing is that I had collected all his info and knew everything about him- Thats because I collected data before I confronted him. Very important- You will catch them off guard when you share their own personal info with them.

Today I checked my posts- and found that several of his on-line friends have ditched him, and that the general forum has eaten him alive- remember he is a member with 500 posts so he values the site.

He told me he shipped today and to get off his back, as I didnt know what he'd been through. I told him he is not a victim but a common thief and I will stay on him until the other users pm me that they have gotten their parts or refunds. He also is quite unhappy that my signature for posts has his name and that he scammed me. I have been trying to post Where I can so that everyone sees he scammed me.

I got some emails today that he has contacted the other guys and has started to resolve the issue- we'll see.

The key points to remember for your Internet trading/buying:

Try to make sure that the seller has "skin in the game" he's registered, and is a member and poster-remember you gotta give personal info to join,

Once you think you have been scammed, start collecting personal info before you confront him-as soon as you confront him he will respond- you need to be able to catch him so you need info,

Be an actor, pretend to be another buyer when you first speak with him or a family member to collect info, everyone gets chatty when they think theres some coin coming in,

Do not ever raise your voice-it'll make it look like you are not in control. A calm low voice will scare the scammer a bit, because they wont understand why you are not mad,

Always make sure that they know you have free legal advice (whether its the truth or not), if it doesnt cost anything for an attorney then you are more likely to sue, and

Always check the local court cases for his jurisdiction- it always helps to see hwo else is chasing him and he'll freak when you know his court history and that you are attempting to contact the other attorney to share that you are suing the scammer for mail fraud.

At the end of the day, there are no gaurantees, but at least there is some option to tick off the scammer- and what you might simply find is that your only recovery is the satisfaction of making him squirm.

I'll keep you guys posted- btw, he has started calling me names so I think I've worked my way under his skin.

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