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Originally Posted by bjuice
As most of you know i am from S.C....I have not seen snow in the ground in my home state for a number of years..

Well tonight it started snowing...its nice ! little Girl is having a FIT !.

i know you guys up North are reading this and shaking your heads...just understand We do not see this stuff down South very often...

BJ, i was draw to Anderson SC. in 1968, by some relatives who lived there because living in Chicago i was tired of the miserable weather. I came there in the summer of 68, and it turned out to be the most miserable winter they had had in yrs. it snowed atleast 3 to 4 times and down in the 20's, go figure.

PS, i'll bet your daughter can even get the barbie ford to spin the wheels now. :lol:

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