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Default Re: Drag racing advice in Central Florida

Originally Posted by whiteholopaw
Hello to all on the Forum, Im new to the forum and the country having transported myself from the UK to the Orlando area.

I raced street class in the UK and am looking to purchase a car here to go do the same.

I have a couple of questions

Whats the rules in general for Street Class ?

Do cars have to be tagged ? Insured ? Do i need a valid State license ?

Safety equipment

Are the cars tech inspected

I need help guys and gals, im also looking for a car , BBC ,,GLIDE ,9 INCH etc . Set up for or turn key all cars considered Im tired of looking>!!!
I work in a motorcycle shop that used to sell corvette parts so have some SBC stuff.

Any advice would be appreciated Im an NSRA member in the UK and crew in the Outlaw Anglias race series.

Many thanks

Welcome to the forum and welcome to the USA.

I will assume your are refering to "true" streetcar and not those crazy 2000 hp street car classes, they a breed apart and their rules are funky.
Most street classes I have seen or raced in usually only require a dot tire, a helmet and mufflers.
Some tracks tech others dont, you'll have to call ahead to find out for sure.
You'll need a drivers license, thats a given at any race track but not necessarly for that state your racing in but then again calling ahead to double check would be wise.
Keep in mind any type of slick even dot ones will require a driveshaft loop.
Not sure about the tags, but I would imagine so depends I guess on the track. Ive seen people trailer their street car and I've seen them drive to the track.
As far as saftey equipment goes, the oem seatbelt will work as long as its the original seat in the car and your not going any quicker than 11.99 in the 1/4 faster than that and things start to change rapidly as far as safety equipment is concerned.
A helmet and long pants are also necessary at most tracks.
Now insurance would be a preference on your part but then again some might require it, rules vary wildly from track to track so find the one in your area your going to race most and get all the rules for your class.
Goodluck and once again, welcome.
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