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Originally Posted by ash
:shock: whaaa...? You better fill me in! I think I've been out of the loop for too long. :roll: The reason I switched the mufflers is that it's my street car ,too. I'd been livin' on luck just a bit too long, so I thought( :roll: ) I'd quiet it down a little. It still ain't that quiet. I didn't know that they(the FlowMasters) were THAT restrictive. :shock:
Yes, it is true. If you look at some of the tests done you will find Flowmasters are not the master of flow, like they claim to be.

In fact Flowmasters have been found to be the worst flowing muffler on the market. But they're so popular everyone has to have them.

In my personal experience, I have found running a Flowmaster and then swapping it out for a Dynomax Ultraflow has unleashed power never felt before within the engine.

IMO Flowmasters are for basic street cars that aren't high powered that you just want to make "sound good". And that's the misconception most people have IMO. They think "if it makes it sound good it must also be a good flowing muffler and help the engine make all kinds of power". Not so.

If I were you I'd sell those mufflers and replace them with Dynomax Ultraflows. You be thankful later.
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