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Default Son's first race

Took my 16 yr old son to a bracket race Sat.
His first time ever down the track. I let him drive the Malibu. We just put it in drive and let it shift itself. I figured it would be one less thing for him to worry about. His first pass he was shut off in the water. A car in the pair before him had a T top blow out at 1/2 track and shatter everywhere.

His first pass he had a .162 RT and went 15.51 @ 78 mph. I asked him if he lifted and he said yes, he wasn't sure where the finish line was. :lol:
His fastest pass was 15.28 @ 88. The car will run mid 14's if you shift it manually.

He ended up losing 1st rnd, buyin back winning 2nd rnd (with a .032 RT), and lost 3rd with a .306 light. :shock: He said it quick treed him and he wasn't ready.
He had a good time and I'm sure he'll go again.

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