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Being part of a race team like that would be a lot of fun!!

Originally Posted by fast75vega
we need a RJ reunion.... we can meet some place with cold beer and beautiful big breasted women .... im ready for a vacation
It would be pretty cool if we could do it somewhere in the middle so everybody could make it.
I don't care if it's it's something planned a year in advance to make sure everybody can make it. Anywhere in the US is good with me!
Summer time is probably the worst time because every is usually already busy that time of the year.

Speaking of traveling, I'll be in Transfer, Pa. the weekend of August 25 if anybody is close to there.

Beast, that's the closest race I have to you. I'm gonna take a few days off so maybe I could meet you in Toledo Thursday or Friday night for supper. I may have somebody riding with me and may not be able to leave till Friday. Will let you know as it gets closer.
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