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For that same 20,000.00 you can buy a dragster and trailer. I prefer cars, but the dragsters are the ultimate drag vehicle.

There are three of us that race together. Dragster, '66 Nova, and I have a '27 roadster. The Nova runs 9.40s, my roadster runs 9.80s, and the dragster when we bought it with an iron headed 468 ran 8.30s. We got the dragster for 15,000.00 complete (Victory slip joint car).

No way to match that E.T. with either of the other cars for that money and you can drive the dragster at the E.T. as easy as can be. Believe me I have driven all three and on a slick track the two short wheelbase cars can be a handful. The dragster just goes on down the track. Just my .02

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