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Default Re: Plumbing a fuel system

Originally Posted by BEAST477
I need some input or links on various ways to plumb a system.

Right now I'm running a BG400 pump to a BG 4 port regulator. I do have a return line back to the fuel cell right after the pump but after a seminar I went to this weekend I was told I am running out of fuel at the finish line because I'm dead heading at the regulator. Do I need to run a return from the regulator to the fuel cell also?
5 yrs ago that was the ticket everyone did it right after the pump, a few yrs ago all these fuel pump/carb shops started saying put the regulator after the fuel log and then return back. It makes sense to have all the fuel volume up there then return back, for sure will not run out of fuel then but on the other hand I've seen people replumb and there is no difference in et.
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