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Hey Beast,
Check you fuel psi at the pump and the reg. You should have 25 or so at the pump and 7-7.5 @ the reg. Make sure to check with the engine running as the regulator will not respond to changes without fuel flowing thru it. I run a # 12 to the pump,10 to the reg and 8 to the carb. If your running a BG fuel filter before the pump, i sugest you plumb it backwards from what BG says. You want to filter the fuel from the outside of the ellement to the inside. More surface area allows more flow. Ill prolly get slammed by someone for this but common sence says to do it this way, just like a oil filter filters, from the outside in.
If this is a new reg, throw a lockwasher on the allens that hold the reg together. You will find that the screws are just a tick too long and bottom out before they squish the diaphram tight.

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