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Default inproving reaction time on a footbrake launch

I have a street/strip 67 camaro, 28" drag raidals and caltracs with 2 flats of preload. I have been running brackets with but I need some help non shaving time off my reaction time. I launch with the foot brake barely off a idle. I have practiced on a practice tree and have reaction times from .01 and .05. But in the real world it is .7 to .16, which won't win too many races. I wanted to experimint with stageing deeper. I usually bump in very slow just enough to light the second bulb. my question is about how much futher could I go before I risk turning the prestage light off. Is it about the same distance from when I light the prestage light to when I light the staged light. Also will this help my reaction time by stageing deeper. my tires are 26 inches tall in the front. My car runs very consistant but I have too dial soft,and end up on the brakes before the end of the quarter to make up for my reaction time. Everone tells me to put in a transbrake and call it a day, but my car is very heavy at 3500 because of the full interior, and I dont want to start breaking parts, as I can barely afford the entrie fees, fuel, and other costs associated with racing.
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