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Travis may not be having a problem, but i am with my 90 vette. About 2 yrs. ago the pump was replace with a ##%$# discount pump, also the computer was replaced with a #$%$# discount pump. everything worked fine until about 2 months ago. First i donot drive the car very much, but one day i head out to a 50 mile drive one way. I get about 5 miles down the road and the car stumbles picks back up, then shuts down.
2 hrs laters it starts and runs just fine, cannot get it to have the same problem. i changed the filter, clean the connections at the pump and at the computer, but they are gold plated and look clean. I disconnected the battery.
The tach and electric door locks have never worked in car and it has always had a fasten seat belts light on, and recently after cleaning the contacts the fuel gage does not work. This happened once before when i changed out the battery, but it started working a few days later by it's self, and now after disconnecting the battery, same problem.
I haven't driven the car for 5 weeks because i'm afraid to get stranded.

Help Appreciated.

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