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Originally Posted by altailites
Originally Posted by gungho
A rich condition at idle will cause this due to the unburned fuel still burning inside the headers,or a late burn due to a retarded timing condition,these can both be caused by several different factors,you need to get this looked at by a pro..
Hey, Thanks to both of you. I will find a tuner here in vegas to take my car to. Timing is 38 drgrees and I will check the jets sizes, idle mixture screws are out 1 turn on all corners. That is all I know at this point. thanks again guys. I am learning. But will take it to the pros. Scott did a great thing by fixing my motor. He only tunes on the dyno and not when the motor is in the car. Besides, I think he is more the engine builder than a tuner of customers cars. Which is probably less of a headache, lol So if anyone knows a good tuner of supercharged motors in Las Vegas I sure would appreciate it.
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