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I’ve been wondering about those electric pumps some guy told me they won't work on the street.

p.s. same person said one lip on the exhaust port kills 25 hp, you need heavy parts to make an engine run on the street, .027 ring gap is worn out "equivalent to 100,000 mile engine" you need .005, stainless rockers are just to heavy you need aluminum "Harland sharps the greatest there is", you can't run a 6 inch rod in a 400 Chevy on the street it won't last past 10,000 miles, main girdles are useless they do nothing, you can't make an 850 cfm carb run with a 750 or a 900, tunnel ram is the only way to go regardless of cubic inch, the one that makes me laugh the most is a .060 over 454 with stock 396 heads flat tops and a cam of 3500-6500 makes 650hp+ will run high 10's easily
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