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Originally Posted by TheRabbit
BJ speaking of roundy round cars. Buddy of mine has been a mechanic all his life. He's probably 65 or 66 now. He's as much of a genius as he is a dip chit. He built his dirt track motor (ford 351) and took the car out in the yard to play. After about 20 doughnuts and a few wide open passes between the telephone polls he came back to the shop. When he got back it was making a ton of noise. As soon as he got out he said I forgot to tighten the rod bolts. lol Me and my other friend laughed so hard I almost had to sit down. They were all only hand tight and all he did was tighten them right on up. That old motor lasted him an entire season of hard racing and never had a bearing fail.
That's back when it was fun!! I miss those days a lot!!!!
Ohh man did I just get a visual...LMAO... When I was 16 I would find a set of 300hp double hump heads..have local NAPA store cut em down enough to clean them up. Bolt them on never checked head gasket thickness. ..what was piston to valve clearence ? I never made it to that chapter in Chiltons manual...I now know why sparks would come out of my left tail pipe. lol

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