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Howdy. Sorry to hear about your granpa's passing. God bless you & your family... there are some great people here who can help you. That may be a special car your g-pa had...

About the car... lets make sure that you do not give it away... who knows how much it is really worth right now. Being it is a original one owner car & we know very little, small detials may be important. it could be a real nastolgic find including some neat history. Make sure all documents realating to the car go w/ it... reciepts, original dealer info, pic's etc. I agree w/ Harbone & Ashtrak... set up an account here & get in touch w/ any of his old drag buddies.

Double-d & Hotrodharley... it's ok, you both are trying to help her. I don't think D/D was trying to insult you Hharley. You both could help her & you guys are both good people. I have taken alot of posts on here wrong latley myself- it has caused some "heated" debates... but I hope we can all try to understand each other better. This is sometimes the problem w/ words... posts... we can be misunderstood & we have no tone here. Scooter
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