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what kind of drag racing you speaking of ? Racing to some ( heads up run what ya brung) and dumping 1,000 hp shot of nos,high boost superchargers/turbo's and hanging on for dear life...while for others its a sunday drive of round robin at a 7.90/8.00 1/8 th mile local brackets.
Both are fine don't get me wrong....just gotta know what you wanna do.

just for the record all the above will work on the consistant bracket stuff....if ya gonna want to sqeeze one pretty good to really get her to run..then scratch the 406ci...,THEDUDE pretty much explained why.

i personally like the 18 degree 434's turning 8500 rpm..

but if i had to use the CI you listed..i would go with the 377ci and build it to handle a minimum of 300 shot

just to let you know
My wifes 69 camaro with the old 377ci engine.. stock suspension (slapper bars only) on 26x10's at 3400lbs with a 300 shot plate with (progressive) ran a best of 5.84et at 126mph in the 1/8th...(still spinning alot)

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