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Default hp question

just took car to dyno, not pleased with the numbers
just looking for some input
500hp at 5200rpm
here is the combo

500 ci mopar
12.5:1 cr
700 lift cam prostock roller lifters
port and polished aluminum heads
1.5 roller rockers,
bird catcher with alky
38 degree timing
msd 7al2
the lamda was .7 on both sides
egt ranges 990-1040 F
5000 stall converter, JW ultraglide, strange 9" with 4.10 progears
33x15.5 slicks

i know it was running rich but power should be much better
the first time i went to dyno(different one) i made 610hp at 5000rpm before trans issue.(bad pump)
thanks for the input
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