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The mustang is a very good platform to start with. 6.30-6.5 is not a huge obstacle. There is a great amount of info on the Mustang out there to help you out. I would also change to the 9". Is there a reason you don't want to go with the Ford motor? The reason I ask is that there is a lot of parts out there now for them.

I unfortunately can't help you with technical info on that car. Just don't have experience with them.

I went the cheap route and bought my roadster so I don't have to make much HP to go fast.

One thing, have you ever made a pass in a car even close to 6.30? That would be a high 9.70-9.80 in most door cars and is a pretty fast ride to climb into and learn with. Not trying to say you can't do it or talk you out of it just want you to keep that in mind. It doesn't say where you are from, and there might me some on here close that can help. No matter what I hope things work out for you, we need all the new racers we can get.

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