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Originally Posted by john858
how hard are they on your back ? i have a bad back
( still work everyday) and after i race my door car it gets pretty rough the next day or two, i thought about getting a dragster but i,m afraid it would be worse. its been so bad lately i'm worried & depressed i,m might have to quit racing & thats a hard thing to deal with because i love racing so much & i'm only 36. i value your guys opinions & would like your thoughts on this.
thanks john
Hey John sorry to hear of the brack troubles. Here will be
my take on them I've drove all types of dragsters at somepoint,hardtail,slipjoint,suspended and now dual suspended.
At the end of a day in a hardtail or slipjoint car if the pits are raugh you are going to feel you just went 10 rounds in the ring. A suspended car will save you all this trouble and be smoother on the track.

I actually have a local guy who has a terrible bad back, so much that he also is having a hard time racing his camaro. He came down asking the very same question you are, I let him sit in my car and he had a little bit of a hard time getting out without some help, my best advice on this is if you havent sat in a dragster see if someone locally. A older car is going to have a lay down seat compared to the new cars which are more upright and easier on the back. Hope this helps
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