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Amen outlaw, you have spoken the gospel about BJ!

Originally Posted by outlaw256
man i hate that show on tv. they got everybody with a junk car sit behind the barn thinking its a gold mine! 59 chevy 2dr post. no glass no interior,also no floors. not one section of car that wasnt rusted thru. even the fins had rusred beyond hope.front fenders gone, rusted half way eyebrows left at the headlights. doors and rockers gone. you get the picture. even the frame had rusted thru. i deal with old cars 30s thru the 60s on a daily basis. we rebuild them into hotrods, streetrods,etc.this 59 was for sale. sittin buy the road with a big for sale sign. stopped looked at in and was gettin back in the car when a old guy walks up asks if we wanted the car,told him no. being the nice guy that i am,i just said it was more work than i wanted,he said '" you dont know much about cars i saw one just like this on tv go for 75,000. and he aint the first idiot that has told me that.with all the old cars i have i mustbe sittin on a million if i could just find one of them nuts with some cash!!!!!!!
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