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Originally Posted by TheRabbit
The forum is kinda quite right now so figured it would be a good time for some BS.

How did you get started racing??

Other than racing what are your other hobby's?

What kind of music do you listen too.
Well as a car mechanic getting into drag racing was a no brainer and with 4 tracks within 50 miles of memphis was a help too.

I bought and built my first "real" purpose built dragcar in 1989.
It was a 81 Z28, 355 SBC, T350, big 10 rearend W/513 gears, 9 inch slicks.

My other hobbies include music, I'm a drummer and I like to slam them skins when I can but with racing season in full swing and 2 cars to maintain I havent played much lately.

Music> country, rock, jazz, folk, bluegrass, R/B - I'll listen to anything pretty much, but I really dont care for ghetto rap or opera much.

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