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Default Car is acting up,need some input

I went to the track last night for some test passes on the new motor.Everything on the motor is the same except the shortblock.Here are my 3 time slips.
1.48-60ft. 1.49-60ft. 1.50-60ft.
4.345-330ft. 4.346-330ft. 4.352-330ft.
7.04--1/8the.t. 6.77--1/8the.t. 6.93--1/8the.t.
92.27---1/8th mph 100.6 1/8th mph 92.57--1/8th mph
As you can see it was pretty consistant through the 330ft.On the first and third pass the shift solenoid would not shift.The second pass it did.After it went into high gear it would start to bang out like it goes against the rev limiter.I watched the tach and it would do it at around 6200 on the first pass,I had a 6200 chip in the rpm switch.I changed it to a 6600 chip for the 2nd pass and it did good till about 7200 it would start to bang again.I have a 8000 top end chip in it.I don't know if the carb is leaning out or what.I'm running a 1050 dominator and had 85 jets in it till the 3rd pass.I changed to 88 jets.
This is a #3145 80 malibu.13.7-1 468 bbc,Brodix cnc proted 2plus heads.Isky 714 roller cam,timing at 34*,Autolite ar3933 plugs,torco 112 fuel.
Could it be the 2 step acting up?The shifter rpm switch?Any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks Shannon.
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