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Originally Posted by bjuice
Originally Posted by etbird
I haven't been on here in awhile, and now I remember why. Boy are some people on here uptight. I mean pull the pencil out. There is nothing wrong with those adds. I use to live in Fl. and you would see that in a dept store. Keep the adds.
Hey E-bird..1st off Glad to see you back on the board...i need to say that the actions of 2 or 3 people ( THAT CALLED AND COMPLAINED TO RJ) that could or could not be part of the forum is not an accurate representation of our Forum here at RJ...most of this junk ( NOT THE POLL HERE ON THE FORUM BUT THE ANONYMOUS PHONE CAllS) has took place on the classifieds which is run seperately from us here on the forum..

also i spoke with Ron on the phone for about 2 hours tonight....

Hope to see you here more ..we have worked hard to make this forum a nice place to visit by weeding out the BS.....but no place is gonna be perfect, speacially when you have as many members as this forum has..

Thanks Brian
Yeah after I wrote that I started thinking. I hope the good peolple on here didn't take it as pointing a finger at them. I know your not uptight Lively. Thanks for the welcome back guys. I kinda miss this place.
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