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Thanks Bigs i appreciate the support from all you guy's and also the opinions from everyone.

and I'm sure a lot of people dont like it but i dont think they are going to call RJ and complain about it .

Hammer time and MCraccars both said they didn't care for it but they didn't call RJ and report a complaint and i think both are stand up people for saying so and i dont have a problem with it.

I just think if it bothers a person bad enough that they need to make as many complaints as they have then get on here and tell me why it is offencive to them and try to explain to me why then maybe i can see there point of view but they are not telling me what the problem is they just keep calling RJ and making more complaints about my ad's.

Has it hurt my sales i dont really know if it has or not ?
If some has not bought from me because of my ad's i would like to hear that as well .

AS most of you guy's know before my web site was released and before i started advertising on RJ i came in here and ask for your opinions on everything i was doing so i would have some ideal what my potential customers thought and i still want to know ,

So good or bad chime in you will not hurt my feeling i will listen to all and never have a hard feeling toward a person for doing so Thanks Ron
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