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I'd like to bring up a point here.Look at the SEMA show in Vegas.How many booths for aftermarket automotive parts and equipment have models at their booths?ALOT.Do you think it hurts the business or the sales of their products throughout the year?And most of the models have next to nothing on.I wonder how many poeple go to the organizers of SEMA and complain."hey maybe next year try to clean it up some"I don't think so.I respect those who have given their opinion and they have the right to do so.I personally don't see anything wrong with the clothing or the young lady herself for that matter.I stated in another post on this topic look at the Kooks headers ad on here.Same thing.Very nice looking lady in shorts and a halter top.Keep it going Ron.I'm sure your business is growing from this.Or atleast its made you pretty popular on here.LOL
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