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That's possible but i wouldn't think the wives are doing it they could be but not likely .

And like i have said before i look forward to peoples opinions that's the only way we know how to correct a problem is if someone points it out or if they have a problem but at least go to were the problem is coming from.

she has on blue jean shorts and a top so i dont think the wives find that offensive they see it every were they go .

All i wanted to know is what is there problem just explain it to me .

hammer time and Ed voiced there opinions but neither one called Rj and I'm glad that they voiced there opinions i respect that.

I just have to wait and see what RJ's final word is on the whole deal they said that they would get back to me with there decision on what they decide to do about it.

But i didn't think any of you guy's called Rj i got way to many messages from you guy's back when this first started .

So we will see what the out come is but until then i will keep using her on my ad's so the new pic's will be ready in a few days so keep checking in and enjoy.
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