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Originally Posted by spib
Man , I must have a nothing race car, I run so far in the low 13's, so when I go into the 12's that wont be good, and when I get enough money and motor to go into the 11's I still will be slow and nothing, and if my dream happens and I run in the 10's that woundnt be a real race car. Is this guy a rich spoiled lil bitch or what? thank god most drag racers dont act and think like this guy, there is always one!!!!!!!
Mark you have a cool S10. Plus guess where I started back in the 70's.
I ran 13's in a 67 Gold Camaro with 30,000 miles on it. Some of us are not rich and spend mega bucks to go fast. That takes all the fun and accomplishment out of it. Also the pride you have in what you race. You did it yourself. I could buy a light weight car or rail and go faster but we like doing it with 3400lb stick cars and NO NOS on ALL MOTOR. When we do bracket race we don't use any delay boxes. It makes you feel better when you go rounds against the delay boxes and cross over boxes that take all the fun out of it. We don't win as much money as they do but it's more fun. Just my opnion and what we like to do.

Anymore it doesn't matter how fast you go in bracket racing. So do what you want with your cars as long as your having fun because I don't know to many people getting rich doing what we do.
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