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Well, I put the Studebaker up for sale here just now. Need to get some money out of it because when you get older, (I'm 72 now) it costs a LOT more just to live. That and I had to put a new roof on the house plus replace the entire heat pump system back in February and March. That set me back almost $11,000!! [/shock]

And since that happened my Medicare part B supplement insurance went up 35% in one shot plus my electric bill has gone up an additional $25 a month even though that new heat pump is twice as efficient than the old one??? WTF moments indeed!!

And then there was the 2% increase we got in Social Security on January 1st and be damned if they didn't take $21 of that $22.60 increase when they raised my regular Medicare coverage premium from $109 to $139 a month?? Another WTF moment?

Ennywho, enough whining for now, and, wish me luck selling "The Studebaker"! I'll probably check in here a little more often now that I've got the car for sale here.

Oh, and you can also find me over on the Speedtalk forum, same username down in the politics, religion and current events section giving liberals/progressives/socialists hell daily!!

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