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I have had several 67's and I helped a friend with one. The owner gave me a bunch of left over parts he had if I would build one. I had a couple but they were, and still are, in paperwork jail, hence the new one...

I recieved 2 new 80% quarter skins, a new sail panel, a new tail panel, and new rockers, 2 sets of doors, and 2 front caps. I purchased new floor pans, a new upper dash and windshield channel, and a new one piece trunk... I bought the car in August 2015, and I bought the parts I mentioned, and all new UMI control arms for the front, Massive Engineering rear bars, and Viking Coilovers for all 4 corners. I had 2 weeks off during the Christmas holidays and dove in...

During the first 3 days...

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