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Thanks, BJ,and All who missed me.
For being concerned, i've been up in Miss. working for 16 days straight, just got home tonite thursday at 6:45 pm..
My house up there is only 45 miles from Memphis. What a hotbed of racing that area is. Example; last weekend Memphis paid 10,000.00 on sat. and 10,000.00 on sunday for super-pro, Bihalia 20 miles away paid 1000.00 for super-pro, Holly springs 35 miles from Memphis paid 1200.00 super-pro, 1000.00 for the heads up 6.0 class. Got the dodge to run 5.92, got the dragster to run 4.98 both little motors. Went 4 rounds with the dragster and lost on a .0011 package. Ran 4.983 with an .008 light, other guy went # plus .0002 with an .007 light. Tough competition.
This weekend Holly spring is paying $5,000.00 friday nite, $10,000.00 sat. and $10.000.00 sunday for super-pro BTE sponsered. Big bucks, but you better be good.


PS, got a date in Clearwater next week to pick up my Anglia Chassis and fab 9 rearend. Other good news is that i leased out the house in Miss. for 6 mos. goody :P additional Anglia money
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