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This is a symptom of a greater problem with our government and the people who comprise the Executive and legislative branch. They have discovered that by manipulating the voting process they can assure themselves of literally lifetime jobs, which has led us to what we see in our current Government . . Little getting done, a poor economy and shrinking liberty . .

For probably 20 years, Congress has "enjoyed" ratings lower than then popularity of either Used Car Salesmen or Ambulance Chasing Lawyers, yet we continue to elect and re-elect them, apparently believing that "Our" Congressman is OK, it's all the rest who are corrupt and inept. Add to that, the two parties put up only "Professional Politicians" to vote for and then we complain about what the Government does to us . .

It's up to all of us to "CHANGE" this, so you have to be more involved with your local party, be it the "establishment" or the "Tea Party", and be part of the selection process, and if nobody else can or will do it, step up, run for that office . . Or forego that $500 part on your racer and give it to a potential candidate that needs seed money to run for that first office.

It's OUR COUNTRY, so it's up to us to make it what we think it ought to be . .
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