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Default holley 600 help

Sorry to bother with stock carb question, but can't seem to get Holley to answer emails. i have a 6979-1 obsolete 600 holley(looks same a 1850). It is on 48 Chevy with 350, edelbrock intake, hooker hedders--nothing fancy. Problem is I cannot set the idle jets. Turn them all the way in and does not affect the idle--rebuilt the carb using Holley kit and still no luck--has the floats adjusted properly. Idles smooth at 850 in park--(19 inches vacuum) and 550 in drive with the air on. No rich fuel smell--performs well--so stumble-surge or stall. Have pulled the needles out and a little fuel will come out--is it possible that I need a new metering block or just don't worry about it. thanks for your time.
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