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That's funny and happens everyday, but i got another funny to add to that one, me have just hit 74 a week ago. Here's what happened to me a couple days ago.


Thursday about 5:30 pm i got a call from my first Ex wife, the mother of my children, we've always been civil after the divorce in 1972., Shes been nmarried 2 more time and now lives with a person but not married. The last time i talked to her was when i was in Vegas 3 yrs ago when my son's liver shut down and it looked like he was going to die so i flew out there., But back to the call, she wanted to know if i remembered out wedding date, she needed the date to get a copy of her birth certificate,(new law in Il.) of course i didn't remember something that occured 55 yrs. ago. She had been trying to find it for a week, and no one else in her family could find/get it, so i was the last resort i'm sure. I told her i thought i could probably find/get it, she's very happy if i could help. So the old man (me) get's on the computer, 15 min later i had HACKED into Cook County, Il. court records (ahh success), and proceded to look up my narriage records, it took a total of less than 20 minutes. to get the file number and the marriage record/dates. So i call her back and told her to get something to write with, she says O'K, i proceed to to give her the file # and date. She's very surprised, and says Whoa how the hell did i do/get that imformation, i just smiled to myself and said i won't tell if you won't, she says how the hell can i tell if you won't tell me? i says good point have a nice evening HaHa, talk to you later.
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