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But i must add most racers ive dealt with have been a pretty honest group, must be in our upbringing... 8) What u see i what u get, yes im sure thier are a few crooks out thier. But the sceamers/scimmers/liars/go to carlisle buy a junk for 1500, doctor up, sell to a unsuspecting buyer for 4-5k, run with his loot to the bank guys are generally in the old car orig to good to be true hobby.Ide rather buy or trade for a shell . Now my chevelle i traded my harley tool box for...Yes itsa 4 door but body was clean, 307 ran like crap, but the guy didnt try to hide that fact either.And i respect that.Its notta 2 dr but i putta nice small block in it and im happy, and he even did a full disc brake conversion on car, so he lost money but he wanted tool box to go with his harley..so not all people r bad....
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