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Originally Posted by mopar1968
Personally i hate to hear this muchless read it, I think of all three of you as my friend's, There has been some sort of break down here. I don't know who deleted the post and to be honest it isn't any of my business as long as i can come on here and talk to my friends is all that matter's to me :!: The rest of this B.S i ignore. At one time not long ago we were a close knit group what happened :?: As far as friendship goes i will always consider all three as friend's :!: :!:

i have not been on the forum much in december, but something went
wrong, some good friends are gone and going to be gone, realy,
what happened, i have been on this site to buy, not sell, and get
good advise on working on my ride, x2 on marks post
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