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well it will be a solid roller benz i already have lifters laying around but i guess i just thought maybe the big cubes would allow me to get away with more camshaft, i keep referring to this car as a street car but it will only be something i drive to town on occasion so just wanting to take the words "street car" to the limit. I also plan on putting a NOS cheater plate system on it also but will keep it down to a 150 tune up, just looking for a bad ass play toy to drive on the street. I used to have a 78 malibu with a 355 10.1 crower solid lift cam around a .530 lift i believe with a 350 turbo 2500 stall 4.10 rear with a 200 shot on it and i just miss have a street car, man was that thing fun to drive, not a terribly fast car, just real fun to drive and thats what im looking for i just think in the 8 years that have passed since the malibu that some of the race toys i have now might make it harder to find something so mild as the camero a bore so just looking to sqeeze all i can out of this cheap little toy, thanks for any help
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