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Default Re: Crower Mechanical stack injections

Originally Posted by zipper06
Originally Posted by thamesrod
Hey Zip,

How do I get ahold of the guy that used to run the Crowers' fuel injection shop that still make nozzles at home? I want a set of the long ones for my Hilborn unit.
Thanks, Dave
Call : Jerry 619-690-7803 . He is the old crower injector Guru !, and also the one that makes the nozzles at home, DIRT cheap too i might add.

He might not remember me ( John Allen) because it's been about a yr. since i last talked too him.

Wow! Sure glad i stumbled across this info on nozzels since i'm going to run a Crower stack this year that a friend of mine ran on a front engine dragster years ago. Thanks Zip

Zip, I read in another post that you think highly of Spud Miller. Well i'm glad to hear that and am in total agreement since he is the person who went through my system for me and was very patient and helpful with my many dumb questions.
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