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For all of you who are concerned for me and have not quickly forgotten me, I thank you from the depths of my heart.

There has been a few of you that have done so much to be of special help for me in my time now of extreme needs and hardships. I am trying here to let you individually know some of how appreciative I am in your efforts to help me and my family.

A special thanks to;

The Ercegovic family, IE Dave, Barb, Sarah, & Rachel. for the fresh flowers you sent here to my room. I have managed to keep them by watering for a week and they have been such a delight to me.
Plus the many other things you have done to help make this easier to bear for me. Your prayers and contributions have helped so much.

The Durst family:
Brent and I believe it is Michelle, friend and customer, for your unselfish sacrifice of visiting me and buying me the cel phone which has kept me connected to the world when I have been able to use it, anand it allows me to text message with the keypad it has. and for paying my phone bill. I know this was a sacrifice from you and I am so much blessed Materially and in my heart in it.

The Roberts family,
Randy Roberts, (GimmeMud)what a friend and customer. You have done so much for me and still continue. I am so much blessed after teaming with you and becoming your engine builder of choice. You cannot know how it made me feel to see the pics of my logo on your trailer as large as you had it made. That is just so awum for me to see.

The Dennis Family;
Shawn and Nekia Dennis, a new customer who has taken the brunt of my having to change how I was going to be doing your new engine, because I am now bed ridden and cannot physically complete our agreement. Thanks for your compassion and working with me in the alternatives I set up to finish it.

http://<b><a href="http://www.racefl...pment</a>.</b>
Curtis Boggs
No way I can mention all the many differnt way that Curtis is again once more helping me in. Still I want to give him credit for his help and again for doing me up some excellent cylinder head work.

The King Family,
Jon and Rachel King for so many things, For being a wonderful friend/customer and many visits to see me here. Going to the store for me, and For loaning me your own personal laptop computer to use for a few days so I can once more communicate with my friends here and the other boards, and to be able to carry on with my business in selling parts and ordering them direct from my bed in the hospital.

Marcus Maingot (TenSecondZ)
For taking the time to find and to visit me several times here in my many different rooms, and For having the thoughts of and bringing me your laptop to here so I was able to communicate a little online with the people here,andallowing me to check up on my emails when you were here. For taking the photos and for posting them so the guys here could see me for real.
Now for all the trouble you are going to, to try and get me my own laptop to use for permanent. You can'timagine how much that will help even from here. I think that GimmeMud is working with a couple of other guys to try to get me one. He has done so much already for me. Maybe you can all get together in this. Maybe someone else might try to help some too so no one has to do as much. I know for a fact my old antique Dell won't cut the mustard here. Done tried that.

Jason Merrick (Flyn Frenchman)
Customer and friend. Helped to pay many of my routine bills up to date so I could go in the Hospital, in July,

Judy Woolfolk,
My friend and State Farm insurance agenIt for paying my insurance premiums through December from her own pocket.

Chad Kohler,
customer and best friend. The best friend that few people ever experience or get blessed with.

I am Truly Blessed!

It is so easy to acknowledge someone in words and responses when they are constantly in your faces with their postings and responses, like I have been for the past few years, 1st at, then here Speedtalk, and Racing Junk Forums, with several others thrown in that I have been members in.

I was not meaning ever to hog any thread or board when I have responded so many times on the boards. My sole and only goal and purposes with my internet activitie has been to do what little I could to be of help to others.

Until just recently I have not asked anyone publicly on any of the internet boards for their engine building business or for their money in any way. My intensions were never to be self serving no matter what you find posted at WWW.HotRodGossip2com from time to time about me.

It has only been recently over the past few months I have asked from time to time to be considered as a source when we have been discussing some hard core parts brands and product that I am a WD with. As an authorized WD with several of these top quality products I am constricted to the lowest prices I can sell by cutting my profit margines above my actual cost. I can not publicly write or advertise my lowest selling prices, which I am allowed to sell some of these hard core parts for, but It should be low enough so that I can sell to another shop, or builder and them be able to make more profit than me and still sell to thier customers at reasonable profit comparatevily.

That is a way you can help me without giving to a begger. If you are buying the same parts, why not tollerate a little extra inconvienance to save your self money? Inconvieniance becuase of needing to wait for me to respond back with pricing and availability. Some of my MFG/Vendors are a little hard to get in contact with for me, becuase my special deals do come only from certain individuals in those companies which is usually the owners or top guys in command and are much harder to find than the convience of just placing an order with a sales person or clerk.

I am now up to 132 lbs at leas weigh in and am feeling much much better. Haave completed I think 6 Cancer Treatments out of th 35 appx total I am scheduled for.

My days here are no quite as hectic with so many doctors as they were when in the main hospital. I am in the TCU which meands Transitional Care Unit.

My address for cards, letters,and flowers is; I do reallylove fresh real flowers and do my best to keep them as long as they will live. I keep letters, momentos, cards etc, forever after I have to remove from walls.

VA Hospital
TCU Building
Jewel Edward Wilson (9223)
Room Bravo 108
4500 . Lancaster Rd.
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[email protected]
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