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i am gonna say No...registering feeds over into the forum..its been over 7 years since i joined so i could be wrong..( memory is failing)..this is where we get IP addresses etc...( the intital registering that requires an e-mail confirmation)

but i do know you can register up and not create a profile and this will cause you not to be able to search out a Profile.....i know when i joined 7+ plus ago profiles really wasn't the thing and No-one really had them, as time moved on and the site upgraded the profile thing took off along with photo albums,Vids, Seller rankings etc...i guess you can say as Mass commications took off (texting,Blackberry's etc....) Rj expanded with it.....

i know No-one knew what a text was 8 years ( i didn't anyhow)
and sending a picture or Video by cell phone was Crazy sounding

so Terry that may be the issue you have run across

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