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Default What Happened to us?

Rigsby hit the nail right on the head--America as my Generation knew it ceased to exist years ago..Im 63 & Retired Navy.When I enlisted in 1963 I made a Med Cruize,(USS WASP CVS 18)The respect we received from other countries was unbelievable! (I was at times embarrassed) I was taught to be polite to all others,such as yielding to them walking down the sidewalk,holding doors ECT..You couldnt do these things for them because they respected Americans so much they almost always acted before you could.I cant really put in to words the feeling it gave me to be an American-I made my last cruize in 82 & I feared going to town alone! They hate Americans--We can take blame for this,throwing money at every problem that comes up anywhere in the world,(With our unique swagger)if you think this brings popularity to you think again..We are giving this country away as fast as they can show us the money.We as Americans own very little in our own country..Go to another Country & Buy Land,wont happen because you cant! This includes Mexico!! I could talk all day on this sad subject but it wouldnt change a single thing,in fact I dont see any change until the new owners show up to take charge & I really dont think its the kind of change we are lookng for.We have the most corrupt political system in the world administered by some of the most corrupt politicians in the world.You cant even die without being taxed in some manner..I really feel for the kids growing up in whats left of this country..The Media ofcourse does everything possible to promote hate,Racisem,ect by driving every story of color in the ground!!One more thing & I will close--If you dont believe The People that hate us has made A difference,LOOK AROUND!!! Just an opinion of someone that has already seen the change..
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