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this is not about optima but a pretty good story ...a friend of mine had an Interstate battery go bad in his dragster , we were out of town so we went to a firestone store that sold interstate batteries,,the date on the battery was 5 months old with 1 year at store refused to even look at it since he didn't sell friend looked on the sign in the store and it had a toll free number for interstate to call if you had warrenty problems...he asked the clerk if he could use his phone to make a call and the clerk handed him the phone . my buddy told the interstate people he was standing in store number whatever,,and they refused to warrenty the battery , they wanted to talk to the clerk , when clerk got off phone he took the old battery to the back and brought out a new one and handed it to my friend with a big smile on his face and said to come back to see us!! I know people don't want to warrenty stuff they didn't sell but they shouldn't sell a product that states warrenty at any authorized dealer...that is why people will pay a little extra to get a good warrenty...alright you can wake up now :lol:
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