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Originally Posted by cepx111
not everybody knows how to work on cars,Hmm wonder how many times someone has put a new battery in their car cause it wouldnt start, when the alternator was bad in the first place?? then they take the dead battery back get another one UNDER warranty and THEN buy a alternator.
I've worked on cars for a living since '78 and had my own shop since '82. I've seen a lot of what you're talking about. My battery guy sells what they refer to as blems. These are good batteries that have been returned for warranty that were charged and then tested good. Ive seen plenty of batteries and other parts replaced by guys that just didn't know how to troubleshoot a problem so they just keeping changing parts until it's fixed. My dad used to refer to this as a "shotgun repair".

Hey, remember that 351W I put in the stang over the winter?
Runs like a scalded ape.
I knew you'd like the windsor

I have a sealed mantenace free sears diehard gold series in my racecar.
I haven't a clue whether its a vented lead acid type or gel, I'm thinking its a gel BUT doesn't really matter to me, it's bolted down in a vented battery box in the trunk
I don't think sears has a gel-cell.
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