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Originally Posted by gearhead1011
Sorry cepx111 but you can keep your "neverstart" I've seen more of those and the "durajunk" batteries bad at less than a year old then I can count. If you're going to use a conventional battery at least use a quality one. I won't use a regular lead acid battery in my car because no matter how good it is the acid will slosh and leak on a car that leaves hard. A gel cell like the optima or orbital won't leak no matter what. That not only protects the car but it makes it safer.
The EVERstart is in the boys daily driver 89 GT mustang. No problems yet also got one in my 95 suburban - 4 years now, no trouble either.
But if there EVER is a concern, Walmart is right down the street and they dont EVER give me any shizznit. I guess when THE masses buy the cheapest bettery they can get, usually a durawhatever or a everwhatever then you'll see plenty more warranty concerns, not everybody knows how to work on cars,Hmm wonder how many times someone has put a new battery in their car cause it wouldnt start, when the alternator was bad in the first place?? then they take the dead battery back get another one UNDER warranty and THEN buy a alternator.


Hey, remember that 351W I put in the stang over the winter?
Runs like a scalded ape.

Oh and by the way:

I have a sealed mantenace free sears diehard gold series in my racecar.
I haven't a clue whether its a vented lead acid type or gel, I'm thinking its a gel BUT doesn't really matter to me, it's bolted down in a vented battery box in the trunk> Chow, Cp
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