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Default $50,000 up for grabs this season in HDRA

Thats exactly what I said, $50,000 minimum in contingency money to be paid out to winners at each event on the spot.

HDRA has signed a Agreement with Contingency Connection for the 2009 racing season with the option to renew in 2010.

Contingency Connection sponsors post in $25 product certificates. Product certificates are good towards your next purchase from the posted manufacturer. Typically the $25 is discounted off of a Jobber Price or a special Racer Discounted price. The manufacturers want to EARN YOUR BUSINESS and offer the BEST DEALS in the country to CC Racers! Any redemption questions can be directed to the Contingency Connection. Winning racers in the Contingency Connection average $500-$800 or more in contingencies per race! These awards will surely make a difference when the racing bills come due!


Decals are the key to the program for the sponsors! You are a valued customer to the sponsors—that is why they are posting awards for you! RUN the decals of the sponsors that post awards for you and they will post awards in our series year after year.


HDRA Staff will present your Contingency Connection awards package. No more waiting to receive contingency awards in the mail. Simply complete the Contingency Connection verification form and you will receive your awards and direct mailings from all Contingency Connection sponsors.

In addition to the contingency there is also several bonus awards that will be released in detail very shortly.
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